What part do I need?

To ensure you get the right part, bring in the model number of your equipment. We recommend you take a picture of the model number tag with your phone's camera. That way you always have it with you.

What are BT&T's shop rates?

$60 an hr. for Lawn & Garden

$70 an hr. for Agricultural Products

What size tractors does BT&T offer?

We offer tractors starting at 18Hp all the way up tp 135Hp.

Does BT&T offer any warranties?

Yes, we offer them depending on the year and model. Mahindra offers up to a 7 year powertrain warranty and Kubota offers up to a 6 year powertrain warranties, both depending on the year and model.

When will my part arrive? Do you have it in stock?

We have nearly $1,000,000 of parts in stock, but, if needed, special orders usually come in 3-4 days after being placed. If they aren't in stock and are needed ASAP, we can get them in 1-2 days. Give our parts guys a call and they will let you know if we have the part you need.