2018 RhinoAg TR96

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Turbo Series Rotary Cutters - The premium 8' and 10' rotary cutters on the market!

The super-duty Rhino® Turbo 96 and Turbo 120 are 8?' and 10' rotary cutters designed for use in demanding agricultural, commercial and industrial mowing applications. They set the standard for premium design and performance in multi-spindle rotary cutters. Features include the patented Turbo Dome™ double deck where both deck sheets cover the entire mainframe. The top sheet is domed for easier clean off and minimal material build up. The lower deck sheet protects the upper sheet from being damaged. The Turbo Series also raises the bar in power transmission. Both units feature high horsepower rated gearboxes and the highest maximum cutting capacity ratings in their respective size classes. Other quality features include fast blade tip speeds for a clean cut, cross-braced pan blade carriers for greater durability, and greaseable pivot bushings on the pull-type and semi-mount model axles for longer wear. Front and rear guarding, plus shielded drivelines and gearboxes are standard for greater safety.

Features and Benefits
  • Smooth Obstruction Free Underside of Deck
  • Double-Layered Deck for Optimal Durability and Easy Clean-Off
  • Deep Deck for Larger Volume of Material
  • Cross-Braced Blade Pan Carrier
Who Should Buy
  • Wildlife Management Areas
  • Demanding Agricultural Maintenance
  • Commercial & Industrial areas
  • Groves/Orchards
  • Cutting Width: 97"
  • Overall Width: 104"
  • Overall Length: 101" - Lift, Semi-Mount
  • Overall Length: 136" - Pull
  • Cutting Height: 1 1/2"-12"
  • Height Adjustment: Ratchet Jack - Lift
  • Height Adjustment: Cylinder - Semi-Mount, Pull
  • Jack Stand: Std - Pull
  • Hitch: CAT 2, CAT 2 & 3 QH
  • Hitch: Semi-Mount, Pull
  • Amount of Offset - Semi-Mt Hitch: 11" R or L
  • Blade Carrier: Reinforced Pan
  • Blades: 1/2" x 3 1/2" Updraft
  • Blade OverLap: 4"
  • HP Required (Min.): 55 - Lift
  • HP Required (Min.): 30 - Semi-Mount, Pull
  • Gearbox Rating - Center: 120 hp
  • Gearbox Rating - Outboard: 110 hp
  • Gearbox Oil (85W-140): Factory Filled
  • Output Shaft Diameter: 2"
  • Blade Tip Speed - 540 RPM: 17,004 FPM
  • Blade Tip Speed - 1000 RPM: 16,821 FPM
  • Axle Protection - Pull Type: Spring Shock Absorber
  • Cutting Capacity (Max): 2"
  • Driveline Size: CAT 4
  • Driveline Protection: Slip Clutch
  • Deck Thickness: 10 ga (Upper & Lower)
  • Side Skirt: 1/4" x 10"
  • Tires & Wheels: See Note
  • Safety Tow Chain: Std - Pull
  • Industry-leading toughness. Industry-leading warranty. Rhino products are built to take on whatever you can throw at them. But if something should break, you'll be glad to know our warranties are just as strong. See your local Rhino dealer for complete details.
  • Full Machine Warranty 1 Year
  • Limited Gearbox Warranty 5 Years
Gearbox ratings based on field performance.



Working Width
97 in.
104 in.
101 in. - Lift, Semi-Mount
Recommended HP
Lift: 55 hp; Semi-Mount, Pull: 30 hp


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